Coir Twine


Coir Twine is available with specific features to suit with hop industry.


- Wide range of lengths thicknesses and breaking strengths as per the demand
- Relatively less labor is needed to grow/ guide the hop plant, as the plant itself grow along the twine
- Superior roller resistant properties
- Accountable for good yield in USA
- Different Cut lengths (5.64 – 6.55 ms)
- Thickness ranging 5-6 mm
- Breaking strength ranging 75 lbs to 100 lbs
- 100% natural , eco friendly


Aqua Twine for Mongi (CESCO) and Oyster Cultivation

- Higher yield is guaranteed due to higher retaining probability
- Twine provides a necessary medium to grow
- Higher breaking strength for the given diameter
- Uniform cross section ensure smooth harvesting mechanism
- Can also be used for squirt cultivation which are considered a delicacy
At present, we export Aqua-Twine to Far-East and we hold a dominant position in The South Korean market.


Twine for Horticulture & Carpets


- Oil Twine : Oil Twine is an alternative for Electric Fence and does not harm wildlife. It releases a patented organic solution for a predefined period of time which keeps out Deer, Raccoon, Rabbit, Wild Birds etc…Oil twine also can be used in gardens to keep pets inside the garden while acting as an insect repellent.

- Garden Twine : Well-balance tension, Flexibility and Biodegradability of our twine enhances the beauty of your home garden. Luminance & Rainbow colors are available at your choice.

- Carpet Twine: Coir twine possesses superior roller resistance properties and proven to be the ideal material for wall to wall floor mats.

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