Coco Pots

An environmental friendly biodegradable pot from renewable resources in place of the plastic pots.

  • Better growth of plants in Coir pots compared to the plants in Plastic pots due to better root aeration
  • Faster growth of the plant ensure less chemical fertilizer usage due to less field for weeds to grow
  • Can be placed on the ground without removing the pot at replanting, prevent root damage & shock to the plant
  • Saving on labor cost as no re planting is required. All you have to do is dig a hole & add water.
  • Pot can be a part of the nature and no recycling cost when the plant grows bigger
  • Mechanically handled by the Automatic Pot filling machines in commercial operation.
  • Various designs ( Round, square, with lip without lip, custom shapes and different colors.)
  • A product to be used by ISO 14000 certified companies as the Coco pots are environmental friendly

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