Flock & Needled Felt

Flock and needled felt is made from virgin fabric off-cuts from the garment industry in Sri Lanka. As these off-cuts come from garment cutting tables, the material is free from any impurities and is completely hygienic.

- Flock is a semi-finished product resulting from fabric cut offs consisting of a mix of cotton and acrylic wool fabrics.
- It is used as a raw material for Needled Felt Pads and Thermo-bonded felt pad production.
- Needled sheets are made out of flock consisting of a mix of cotton, acrylic, wool fabrics and Jute.
- Can be produced with or without a fabric backing.
- Available in varying densities.
- Thickness Ranges between 8 mm - 12 mm.
- Available as cut sheets or Rolls (2 meters wide).
- Applications include Bedding, Automobile, Foot-wear, Furniture, Upholstery and Filtration industries, Also used as Packaging Material and Sound/Heat Proofing.

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